Drummer's Evolution
Greg Dana | 425-260-9144

Lesson Rates

Registration fee $30
30 min lessons $140.00/month ($35/lesson)
1 hour lessons $220.00/month ($55/lesson)

Lessons are billed by month.

On the fifth week of any given month there will be no lesson unless it is available for a make up lesson.

Should it become necessary for the teacher to cancel a lesson, no fee will be required if a make up lesson is not available.

About the Rates

Lesson fees are payable monthly and in advance. This fee is due on the first lesson of the month and is considered past due one week after that. A late fee of $10.00 will be charged on all past due accounts.

Cancellation Policy

I no longer have a 10 day cancellation policy. Therefore it is up to the student to honor the monthly fee whether they attend the lesson or not. Notification of inability to attend a lesson is a courtesy to the teacher but does not excuse the lesson fee. If possible, a make up lesson can be scheduled. Any lessons missed must be paid in full.