Drummer's Evolution
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Greg Dana has been playing the drums for over 40 years and began teaching in Sacramento, California in 1991. He studied with various teachers including Don Silva at Sacramento City College, Tony Gallioto, Mike Lawson, Nashville recording artist Aaron Smith and the legendary Tony Dey.

Tony has studied with George Marsh, Pete Magadini and David Garibaldi to name a few. Tony is Sacramento's authority on drum education. Everything he taught Greg from the late 70's to the present is used daily with each student. From playing in church on Sunday morning to the nightclubs on weekends, Greg's ability as a drummer has grown and has given him an opportunity to work with a number of diverse players including:

The Mind Club | Sacramento California's #1 Old School Funk Band | Mercy Me | Gospel Music's Jeremy Camp | The Calvary Chapel of Grass Valley CA | Larry Tagg | Jerry Jennings | Mike Kelly | Hans Eberbach from Columbia Artist's SweetVine | and many more


Each teacher has their own unique style. Greg uses a well-rounded style that is designed to help a student build their skills from the ground up, or to hone the skills of an already avid drummer. Lessons will include teaching stick control, reading music, ear training, technique, polyrhythms, and more. A strong emphasis is placed on groove and students are taught and encouraged to become not just drummers, but musicians who can listen to a song and play appropriately.


Steve Jordan, William Calhoun (Living Colour),John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), Michael Shrieve (Santana), John Blackwell (Prince), Buddy Rich, David Garibaldi (Tower of Power), Zoro, Jon Moffet, Johnny Rabb, my cousins Mitchell and Randy Gallerin.



Greg with Johnny Rab

"Greg Dana is truly a dedicated artist and an outstanding educator."

-Johnny Rabb